What if the world had no bullies?

Can you imagine a world with no bullies? We can. As parents and mentors ourselves, we can think of nothing more perfect than such a world.

Today our world is filled with competing voices of hope and hate. Children are stuck in the middle trying to understand the difference. When hate is learned at such a young age, it can take a lifetime to remove it because it just seems normal to them. Bullying in all forms is unacceptable and we must take action now to rid it from the world once and for all.

To help bring awareness to the affects of bullying and bigotry on children, our company (Visible Fusion) has started a philanthropy called “the struggle is real“.

While this is also the tagline for Missing Support, our fictitious support group that finds humor in some of the dumb things we do as people, in this instance “the struggle is real” is our call to action to tackle bullying head-on.

The statement “the struggle is real” started in the urban scene in the 1990s as slang to express how life is difficult for some but they deal with it. Today it is more often said to mock something that we have to do but would rather not. For our real world philanthropy, we are not mocking how difficult ridding the world of bullies will be but we are up for the challenge.

To do our part to make that bully-free world come true, a portion of the proceeds of all “the struggle is real” items purchased from our store will be donated to organizations highlighted on this site. Visit shop.missingsupport.com to make a support purchase today.

Also visit each of the real world support groups found in this site. They play a major role in solving this problem. Do your part and help stop bullying before it takes hold in a child’s life. Be a mentor to help sow the seeds of compassion, diversity and integrity at an early age. Lead by example at every opportunity.

Remember … the struggle is real